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Goodbye ERP. Hello, FOODIVAL

Foodival is an F&B procurement & inventory management system, designed to support your growth thru the facilitation of both cost reduction and profit maximization.

Our Food & Beverage Management System Allows You To

Handle Things Effortlessly

Drive Process Efficiency

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Enable Fact-based Decision Marketing

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Have Better Cost Control, Tighter Margins

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Handle Things Effortlessly

  • Icon-based user interface increase efficiency and ease of use

  • Provides specific departmental user experiences

  • Fast and easy purchase requisition & stock take processes

  • Compatible with PC, tablet and mobile

Drives Process Efficiency

  • Auto-generation of purchase orders

  • Alerts / notifications for low inventory levels

  • Alerts for unusual potentially disruptive outlet orders

  • Fast order capabilities to supplier via Email, WhatsApp,  eFax etc

Enable Fact-based Decision Making

  • Enhanced stock management features give you a comprehensive record of inventory movements; e.g. upcoming ingredients expires, staff meal allocations, highlighted dormant or slow moving ingredients

  • Manages goods receipt and inspiration processes

  • Supports smart receipt and inspection processes

  • Supports smart unit conversion

  • Tracks inventory by expiry date or batch number

Have Better Cost Control , Tighter Margins

  • Stock take variation report

  • Ideal and actual cost report

  • Stock aging report

  • Shrinkage report


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