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Financial Management System

Integrated AR,AP,GL

With the integration of AR, AP and GL, accountants can simply know AR and AP in one single platform. It enables accountants to compare AR and AP, at the same time ensuring that the company will not have a negative net amount of cash.The integrated GL also helps generate a number of important financial statements. With our financial management system, the workload of accountants can be reduced.

Cash Flow

Cash flow of a company includes mainly incomings, outgoings, loans, sales, expenses. Cash flow forecasts clearly list the account receivable and when should your corporation pay for the ingredients. This allows managers and accountants to better organize the cash flow and avoid a huge loss of cash in the same period of time. 


Intercom for multi company

When your business is large enough, there might be many subsidiary companies. With our system, dubication or missing cash flow records are less likely to happen since the system only requires you to input the record once. Moreover, it is more convenient since only the subsidiary company that offers payment needs to input the information.

Powerful Analysis Add-on:FION

There is an advanced application Flexaccount Financial Information On-Line (FION) linked to the system. The system can not only retrieve and manipulate accounting system data, It can also cater remote access to financial information through the internet. Thus, FION ensures companies operate as usual even if employees work from home.

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