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Human Resource
Management System

Integrated modules

In HR, many parts are interdependent, such as people management, attendance, leave management, compensation and benefits. While BBHRMS provides integrated modules, the HR team can view and edit all relevant information in one single platform. It brings convenience to the HR department and they can save time to handle other value-added services.

Secure employees’ data

Security is our top priority. The by field access right control and activity log secure employees’ data, ensuring employees work in a company without any worry regarding security.


Comply with legislation

Companies may unintentionally break the laws if they do not have a deep understanding of the regulations. On one hand, our HR system fully complies with legislation. On another hand, we support the ordinances of PRC, Macau and Taiwan so that you can manage your employees well no matter which of the aforementioned places. 

Save time with employee portal

There is no denying that HR departments handle a lot of things in a day, employees may need to wait for a long time to get a HR response. With the employee portal, employees can manage their leave applications, leave enquiry, download payslip all by themselves, which saves a lot of time.


 Interface with time clock

Time clock allows companies to know clearly the attendance of all employees. BBHRMS can interface with time clocks, which means the system can automatically record the attendance of employees. It is more convenient for HR to know the attendance of every one of them and it facilitates calculation of payroll as well.

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