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Procurement &


Unify all operations into 1 platform

Our system unifies all operations in one single platform, providing a holistic view to every department. Employers can gather all the information needed, thus facilitating various processes such as procurement.


Single source of PR

Staff from all branches can input their purchase requisitions into one single platform.There is no need to gather purchase requests manually anymore. Not only can time be saved, mistakes are less likely to be made.


Accurate inventory record

Inventory movements can be seen with the enhanced stock management features and at the same time staff can be aware of the expiry date and low inventory levels. It enables employers or department heads to make better decisions and improve.

Cost Control base on recipe management

Restaurants usually use more ingredients than expected. It is not a good thing since this adds costs to the business. With the use of recipe management, you can clearly see how many ingredients are used more than expected. This allows you to better control your costs.


Interface with POS

A user-friendly and practical F&B system should be able to interface with POS to reveal the sales volume of different cuisines. It allows you to know which cuisine is popular and which is slow-moving. The data allows business to make decisions and adjust sales strategy. 

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