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Central Kitchen


Consolidate orders from branches

Central kitchens can know the purchase orders from all branches in one single platform. It brings convenience to central kitchens since they do not have to count and input the ingredients needed manually. Instead, they can see the total amount of ingredients requested by using the system.


The system can automatically check inventory levels.There are low inventory level alerts and features regarding upcoming ingredient expiries, slow moving ingredients etc.These features allow central kitchen to know what they should do at the moment and at the same time know how to allocate the ingredients better in the future. 


Auto-check inventory balance


Cost control even in production stage

The system can calculate the amount of ingredients needed per cuisine. When the actual total amount of ingredients used are greater than the ideal total amount of ingredients, central kitchens will know that the costs are higher than expected. Thus, central kitchens can reduce the amount of ingredients per dish in a bid to reduce the costs to the ideal level.

Fit for franchise model

The system can automatically separate the purchase orders from franchise branches. Therefore, central kitchens can easily get relevant invoices and send them to those branches in which it facilitates smooth payment. 

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