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Accurate cash flow prediction

A handy system which predicts cash flow accurately can prevent cash shortage. Moreover, it allows accountants to monitor their spending and income. On one hand, it brings convenience when tracing who has not finished the payment. On another hand, accountants can draw a plan of what employers or department heads can do with the business.


Automate data collection - Payroll, Supplier invoice

Staff from various departments can upload their documents to the system conveniently.  Accountants can then check all the receipts and documents needed in the accounting system. This saves time for accountants and it also avoids mistakes. Moreover, the automated data collection facilitates accountants to finish their reports more quickly with useful references. 


Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation can save human resources since employees can simply scan relevant statements and then check the records from the bank immediately. Also, it further ensures the actual money balance is the same as recorded and expected.  

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