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Fast adaptation to the pandemic - GPS punch, ESS

Remote working  is predicted to be a new trend and our systems never lag behind. The GPS punch allows employees to take attendance even when they are working from home. The ESS system also allows employees to handle their applications online. Borders cannot be a problem if you have our well-developed and updated HR system.


Strictly monitor 418

While many employers may not be aware of the 418 restrictions, our system strictly monitors 418 in which there are alerts that remind employers to arrange the rosters of employees in order not to violate the laws. 


RSE calculation

Payroll might be difficult to handle if employees take leaves. Our HR system can simply help accountants to calculate RSE. It does not only save accountants’ time, but it also protects the rights of employees, preventing them from receiving less wages. Moreover, it prevents your companies from being sued due to payroll problems.

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