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Why we are different


F&B-first approach

Not normal ERP but it specialized for F&B

There are many ERP in the market, but not every one of them suits your business. While many ERP cannot accurately calculate the cost of ingredients for F&B, Foodival can calculate the daily ingredient costs by recipe, ensuring that you can effectively control your food costs.


Collect complete data into insight

From departments, and even external

Foodival generates many reports which allow you to look deep into every aspect of your business. Reports can show the exact amount of money spent on procurement and also its proportion of the total sales volume. It is crucial for restaurants to get the information in a bid to maximise their net profit. 


The most fit?


In order to provide the best system to each restaurant, customization of our system is undoubtedly possible. With customization, your restaurant can go through the process in the smoothest way and it does not require extra time to adapt to a system that is not suitable for your business.

Our Knowledge


Best practice

Established in 1987, FlexSystem has been serving over two thousand clients across more than 15 countries. We are also trusted by many international brands, ranging from Jacobson to Amorepacific.


Cloud ready

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven the needs of remote working. Our system can be deployed to the Cloud. This enables your company to work unaffectedly even employees work from home during the pandemic.


Smooth Implementation

We have over 35-year experience, our team can offer hassle-free implementation and provide continuous guidelines. Our team is dedicated to provide the best implementation services to your business all the time. 



Proprietary database

FESA Data, which is FlexSystem's proprietary database architecture, this closed source database provides industry encryption standard that keeps you from cyber risk. 


Control and track

An access right control determines which users can access the data. The activity log also allows management to track who has accessed and edited the data. These functions can act as a deterrent and ensure the cybersecurity of the company.


High Availability


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